Canterbury Madison is a unique Australian law practice with an office in Canberra and Associate Law Firms and Lawyers in New Zealand, Singapore, India, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom and Canada.

The firm delivers advice to Australian and International clients on all forms of Litigation, Cross Border Disputes, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Domestic & International Arbitration, Corporate & Commercial Law, IP Law, Media & Entertainment Law and Migration Law. We also act as Mediators, Arbitrators and Negotiators for clients who require ADR solutions.

Our Canberra office is made up of dedicated Lawyers, who are able to practice in a wide range of jurisdictions including Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Sri Lanka. Our multi-jurisdictional team is especially valuable in cross border disputes where the knowledge and ability to practice in different countries becomes essential.

In addition we are one of the handful of law firms in Australia with a strong South Asian practice. We are able to advised individuals and businesses on Indian and Sri Lankan law related matters. Our partner Lawyers and Law firms in these jurisdictions provide us with local assistance when the need arises.

Our practice also includes a committed team of Migration Lawyers who provide outstanding migration advice relating to the EU, Australia and New Zealand. We specialise in High Net Worth Individual or Wealth migrants. Our Australian Migration Lawyers are MARA registered Migration Agents.

Our retirement advisory service provides legal and migration advice to Pensioners seeking to retire in Sri Lanka or India.