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Migration Law

Migration Law is complex and is subject to rapid change. If you have a migration matter, you should engage a Migration Lawyer to assist you in your dealings with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. When selecting a Migration Advisor, it is essential to confirm they are registered with the relevant Migration Registration Authority. This ensures that the advisor has up to date knowledge and experience of the laws and procedures governing migration.

Whether you are a migrant, family member or employer, Canterbury Madison can assist you with a range of services to make migration simple.

Our full visa application service includes the following :

  • Comprehensive advice on your eligibility and visa strategy to ensure that you have chosen the correct path given your personal and financial circumstances.
  • Complete preparation, lodgement and management of your applications for skills assessment with the relevant assessing authority
  • We advise you on collection and collation of itemised supporting documentation, and assist with complete preparation and lodgement of your visa application in accordance with Australian professional and immigration standards.
  • Liaison with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), the relevant overseas posts (Australian High Commission, New Zealand High Commission and Canadian High Commission) and other Government agencies on your behalf and keep you updated on the progress of your visa application.
  • Arranging necessary sponsorship/nomination by State or Territory Government where appropriate to ensure that your application is valid and expedited.
  • Constant updates on the progress of your visa application during processing updated from your agent regarding changes in immigration law that may or may not affect your visa process.

We specialise in assisting people who travel to the European Union, Australia or New Zealand for work, family or study. Our registered migration agents are some of the best and most experienced immigration advisors and many have undertaken the migration process themselves. This gives them unique insights and understanding to increase the success of your visa application.

Global Immigration and Citizenship for High Net Worth individuals

The world’s wealthiest people are also the most mobile.

High net worth individuals (HNWIs) – persons with wealth over US$1 million – may decide to pick up and move for a number of reasons. In some cases they are attracted by jurisdictions with more favorable tax laws, or less pollution and crime. Sometimes, they’re simply looking for a change of scenery.

Today’s graphic, using data from the annual Global Wealth Migration Review, maps the migration of the world’s millionaires, and clearly shows certain countries including Australia and New Zealand are magnets for the world’s rich, while countries such as China and India are seeing a wealth exodus.


It’s no secret that China has been a wealth creation machine over the past two decades. Although the country is still making a number of its citizens very wealthy, over 15,000 Chinese HNWIs still chose to migrate to other countries in 2018 – the most significant migration of any country.

Unlike the middle class, wealthy citizens have the means to pick up and leave when things start to sideways in their home country. An uptick in HNWI migration from a country can often be a signal of negative economic or societal factors influencing a country.

This is the case in Turkey, which has been rocked by instability, mass protests, and an inflation rate estimated to be in the triple-digits by some sources. For the third straight year, Turkey lost more than 4,000 millionaires. An estimated 10% of Turkey’s HNWIs fled in 2018, which is concerning because unlike China and India, the country is not producing new millionaires in any significant number.

Millionaire Magnets

Time-honored locations – such as Switzerland and the Cayman Islands – continue to attract the world’s wealthy, but no country is experiencing HNWI inflows quite like Australia.

The “Land Down Under” has a number of attributes that make it an attractive destination for migrating millionaires. The country has a robust economy, and is perceived as being a safe place to raise a family. Even better, Australia has no inheritance tax and a lower cost of health care, which can make it an attractive alternative to the U.S.

In 2018, Australia jumped ahead of both Canada and France to become the seventh largest wealth market in the world.

How Canterbury Madison can help you

As an Australian Law firm specializing in High Net Worth individuals (HNWI) Migration, Canterbury Madison is in a unique position to help those seeking a stable future for their families and business in the European Union, Australia or New Zealand. We assist high-net-worth individuals with immigration, citizenship, residency and second passports obtained through citizenship-by-investment programs (CIP) and Immigrant Investor Programs (IIP). A second passport or residence is an attractive option as it allows for increased visa free travel and tax benefits in many countries.

We work closely with our High Net Worth Clients to determine their goals and facilitate the application process for the optimal investment program and country for their needs. We also work with our network of partners to maximize your prospects for a second passport or residency.

Our migration Lawyers are registered with the relevant statutory Authorities including the Law Society of England and Wales (United Kingdom), Office of the Australian Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA - Australia), New Zealand immigration Advisors Authority (NZIAA – New Zealand) and other European counterparts.

These registrations ensure our Migration Lawyers can guide you through what can be a complex and challenging process.